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What happens during the process of industrial laundry?

If you run a hotel, motel or you in any position of hospitality management or healthcare, you know how important it is to have an efficient laundry service. For some this means a dedicated facility or on-site laundry and several staff working the machines every day, but who wants to save time and money often choose to work with an industrial laundry company to take care of their cargoes week instead.

How does though? What is the difference between home washing machines and a much larger commercial plant? It’s always good to know what’s going on with washing-read on and learn the steps taken to get the clean linen from laundry.

Lino Pickup

Most companies will provide laundry services, something that is extremely important when you perform an operation. Laundry workers will collect lino from your site and transporting by truck to their home.


It’s good to know that the laundry is attentive to the needs of each individual piece of linen. The items are sorted by their type and get ready for your unique cleaning formula. A lot of great commercial laundry will have a dedicated line of sorters who make sure that everything is in the right place.


Lino ordered loads and washed according to the load limits of the machine. A wash operator creates a washing programme and is responsible for maintaining the correct chemical levels and loading and unloading of machines. High volume laundromat is able to deal with more than seven tons of laundry every day, so there’s a lot for a car wash attendant to do!


Clean linen is then dried, ironed, folded and trained before being sent to you. Dryers are used for blankets and towels but thin linen as sheets can be sent through Steam ironing to be dried and folded at one time.

Packaging and distribution

Lino orders are packed and the delivery trucks are loaded and delivered to your business. A roster of delivery staff ensures that your laundry gets when you need it.

Forget about sorting out your laundry-let the experts take care of you and choose instead a laundry industrial, professional. Keep a steady stream of laundry coming to your hotel or hospital and forget the burden of doing the weekly wash.

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